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Exhaust systems
The following links take you to independent, model- and type-specific, A4-size PDFs. The diagrams are taken from the 1968 catalogue of Rosi, Fils & Cie of Nanterre. The first column contains the Rosi reference number; the second column contains the P&L part number. The diagrams alone are insufficient to create new components, but the diameter and developed length, perhaps with a pattern component, should prove helpful when checking anonymous items at autojumbles:

DynaZ1 - Z6; 1954-56

DynaZ12; 1957-58

PL17-L1; 1959-60

PL17 Tigre-L1; 1959-60

PL17-L4, L6, L9 - 1961

PL17 Tigre-L4, L7, L8; 1961-65

PL17-L4, L6, L9; 1962-65

24ct-N1, 24c-N2; July'63 - May'64

24ct-N1; 24c-N2; 1964

24ct-N1 (M10S); Oct'64 on

24bt (M8S); Sept '64 - Sept '65

24bt-N4 (M8S); Sept '65 on

24b-N5 (M8N); Sept'64 - Apr'65

24b; May'65 on; 24BA; Sept'65 on

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